Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NKJV Precious Moments® Precious Prayers Bible published by Thomas Nelson

ISBN13: 9780718090647
NKJV Precious Prayers Bible
I raised my children with a standard King James Bible and yet today the thinking is that the KJV is too hard for anyone to understand, especially children. The New King James Version is a somewhat updated (today's English) version of the KJV.

In the Precious Moments® Precious Prayers NKJV Bible, the publisher has the entire text of the Bible, study aids, and included colorful pages of classic poetic prayers for the young child. The artistic theme is that of the Precious Moments® category and brand. It is lovely. It is age appropriate. The prayers are worth reading and memorizing and will guide a child's thoughts toward God and belief in Him.

The Bible text itself is one that the young child (with parental guidance for respect and careful handling) can use throughout his or her childhood. The text size is 9.5 which is pretty good for reading. The pages of the Biblical text are, however, very thin and the text on the reverse side somewhat visible. This is a concern.

I personally prefer that the King James or the New King James versions be used rather than a "watered down" children's version to teach the young child God's Word. Bible "storybooks" that water down the actual text are great and serve a wonderful purpose. But when we teach a child to love, honor, and respect God's Word, let's give the child a true copy of God's Word. That, I believe, is the purpose of this NKJV Precious Moments® Precious Prayers Bible.

Please note in the product information below that this is a full-text Bible with eight pages for the child's personalized special moments, and 64 full color pages of classic  children's prayers. Also, there is extra material about how the Bible came to us, how to begin reading the Bible, getting to know God, maps, and much more.

Some prayers included are.....

Lord, teach this little child to pray,
And now accept my prayer;
Thou hearest every word I say,
For Thou art everywhere.

Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me, I pray;
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care,
And fit us for heaven to live with Thee there.

Book information:  Young children will delight in the pages of NKJV Precious Prayers, a Precious Moments® Bible. Full of the beloved Precious Moments® artwork and dozens of pages of full-color bonus material, this classic Bible will be a family treasure for years to come.

Written in the trustworthy New King James Version, this full-text Bible includes a special eight-page personalization area to record each child’s very own precious moments and events. Sixty-four color pages of classic children’s prayers are spread throughout NKJV Precious Moments® Precious Prayers, including themes of thanks, prayers of praise, prayers for school, for mealtime, for bedtime, for family, and so much more.

Young children will learn and embrace these prayers that will become lifetime favorites. Write down your little one’s prayers on full-color pages, creating a beautiful way to forever capture the innocence of their early faith journey! Featuring adorable Precious Moments® characters, this beautiful plush padded Bible with soft, eye-catching embellishments will be a treasured keepsake in any child’s library.

Children will be drawn to the soft, inviting illustrations, and parents will enjoy teaching the heartfelt prayers and the scriptures from the trustworthy New King James Version®.

Since 1978, Precious Moments has grown into an evergreen brand recognized worldwide, with more than 13 million books and Bibles sold. It is one of the most recognized and beloved licenses on the market today.

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Little Lek Longtail Learns to Sleep by Bette Killion & illustrated by Beatriz Vidal [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts: This fable takes the idea that little ones (our very own children) are afraid to go to sleep or afraid of the dark. The colorful Thai Argus pheasant is the little one that can't sleep in this story and he is afraid of things in the darkness. One of them being that something will eat him - tigers or panthers - if he goes to sleep and isn't alarmed in time to get away from them.

Little Lek Longtail has an exceptionally long and beautifully colored tail and this proves to be a source of not only pride but provides him with a coping skill as well. Bette Killion allows Little Lek to have a longer and more colorful tail than the real Thai Argus pheasant, but the real bird does have a rather spectacular tail and he does perch in trees as Little Lek does. Ms. Killion has aptly provided a bedtime story that will surely help children of the world learn to cope with their fear of the dark while learning about an unusual bird that lives amongst the dense foliage of the Thai rainforest.

The Thai Argus pheasant is a bird native to Thailand which is tropical. The illustrations are lush greens as one would expect the foliage to be in a tropical land. And Little Lek's feathers are bright and colorful. Beatriz Vidal allows the lush illustrations to flow uninterrupted by words and white space allowing the text its own space keeping the illustrations intact.

At the back of the book the author provides facts about the Argus pheasant that are very interesting and will provide a nice teaching opportunity.
"...everyone loved him."

About the book: “I can't sleep, mommy, I'm scared.” Human moms and dads have heard it many times before, and so too, it turns out, has Little Lek's mother. Her little Thai Argus pheasant was so gentle, kind, and handsome with his exceptionally long and brightly colored tail. But he had just one problem: he couldn't get to sleep. Then one day something changed, and Little Lek discovered a strength that lay hidden within, something that gave him the peace of mind to sleep soundly through the night. Find out the secret of how Little Lek learned to trust in himself! Readers will delight in Beatriz Vidal's vivid and expressive art. An appendix of fascinating facts about the Thai Argus pheasant makes this book an educational experience as well.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dorothea Lange: The Photographer Who Found the Faces of the Depression by Carole Boston Weatherford & illustrated by Sarah Green

About the book: Before she raised her lens to take her most iconic photo, Dorothea Lange took photos of the downtrodden from bankers in once-fine suits waiting in breadlines, to former slaves, to the homeless sleeping on sidewalks. A case of polio had left her with a limp and sympathetic to those less fortunate. Traveling across the United States, documenting with her camera and her fieldbook those most affected by the stock market crash, she found the face of the Great Depression. In this picture book biography, Carole Boston Weatherford with her lyrical prose captures the spirit of the influential photographer.

My thoughts: I have long admired the photograph of the woman with her children revealing the impact of the Great Depression on the poor. This image invokes such emotion and sympathy. Never knowing who snapped the image recording it for thousands to see, it was a privilege to learn a bit about the individual responsible.

Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange
In this children's book the unusual life of Dorothea Lange is briefly told from her history of crippling polio to her traveling across the United States capturing images of the people and their hardships and emotions. As the author states... "she was a storyteller with a camera."

The uncorrected proof I received, showed the illustrations in basic neutrals with only touches of color. The figures are basic and look somewhat abstract in form. This is in keeping with the bleak, bare story Dorothea Lange captured in her photography.

A children's book, this is a good introduction to how capturing the faces and emotions with a camera can benefit generations to come and tell the story.

DISCLOSURE: I received an uncorrected proof to facilitate a review. Opinions are my own, alone.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Maybe It's You (Crisis Team Series #3) by Candace Calvert [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts:  Calvert lifts villainous "Sloan" from the pages of Crisis Team #2 - Step by Step - and fleshes her out as the survivor of a terrible over-the-cliff car accident who is back at work in the ER of another hospital in a different city. Her life has changed for the better, but it is still flawed and she has multiple secrets which she strives to keep safely tucked away.

The story explodes into action with a near kidnapping in front of the hospital and Sloan runs to the rescue of the teen. While in the ER because she is slightly injured, the rescued teen has a disturbing tattoo "property of...." in a hidden area. As the story progresses, the frightening reality of girls held as sex trafficking merchandise and similarly tattooed comes to light along with brutal criminal activity toward these young girls and those who come into the cross hairs of the criminals.

Woven throughout is the thread of forgiving those who have harmed you and also in finding a way to forgive yourself. This forgiveness is found in the deep seated forgiveness of Christ and it is called Grace. Calvert nicely weaves this into the story.

The romantic interaction between Sloan and Micah, a Crisis Team Volunteer and ad man or PR man for the hospital, gets off to a slow start but they do discover their attraction to each other. This book seems to have a bit more romance than Calvert's previous books.

This is a good, clean read though some parents may want to screen it prior to giving it to a young teen given the subject of sex trafficking and sweet romance scenes (though definitely clean) are part of the story. Again, this is a clean read and definitely not offensive.

About the book: ER nurse Sloane Ferrell escaped her risky past--new name, zip code, job, and a fresh start. She's finally safe, if she avoids a paper trail and doesn't let people get too close. Like the hospital's too-smooth marketing man with his relentless campaign to plaster one "lucky" employee's face on freeway billboards.

Micah Prescott's goal is to improve the Hope hospital image, but his role as a volunteer crisis responder is closer to his heart. The selfless work helps fill a void in his life left by family tragedy. So does a tentative new relationship with the compassionate, beautiful, and elusive Sloane Ferrell.Then a string of brutal crimes makes headlines, summons responders . . . and exposes disturbing details of Sloane's past.Can hope spring from crisis?
Begins February 20
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids Everybody Can Help Somebody By Ron Hall & Denver Moore

My thoughts:  This shortened, children's version of  previous bestseller "Same Kind of Different As Me" brings to children the concept that helping others is a good thing to do.

Denver Moore was a black child born into the poverty of tenant farming in the South and grew up with no education and virtually no toys. He escaped the farm in a train boxcar which he rode to Texas. Life in Texas was as hard or harder than the life he had left on the farm and he lived for years as a homeless person.

He found his way to a Mission where he was discovered by a couple who took him under their wing and helped him. This evolved into a speaking tour and a book which generated a large sum of money which was used to build a new Mission for the homeless.

A good story, but somehow it seems to miss the mark. Would I purchase it? Probably not. Would it be a good book for a library and why? Yes, and because it tells the story of helping others.

About the book: This remarkable story shows what can happen when we choose to help. Kids will discover that we can all make a difference—no matter how big or small we are and no matter how big or small the task.

Based on the New York Times bestseller Same Kind of Different As Me, which sold more than a million copies worldwide and inspired the major motion picture, this book tells the true story of Denver Moore and Ron Hall, who also created the delightful illustrations in this book.

Share the power of friendship and faith with your children.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Love is Patient and Kind.... Is not irritable..... Love endures....

Compliments of Tyndale Publishing

Deep Water By Christine Poulson

ISBN13: 9781782642145
My thoughts: The world of pharmaceutical cures for disease is populated with brilliant people driven to successfully create Nobel Prize winning cures yet amid their world of glass beakers is the conscience shattering lure of the prize. We find that these driven people are still individuals with the hopes, loves, and desires of ordinary men and women.

In a story that takes the reader into the meticulous research lab and the daily detailed work of trial and error that is involved in research, the author shows the loving family side of characters. Little Chloe with her genetic code that requires daily treatments just to stay alive is a charmer that Katie can't help but fall in love with. Chloe's parents are successful in their own professional endeavors - Rachel a wood working artist and David a patent lawyer. But as David's past pushes open the door to involvement in a case in which his recently deceased ex-wife was lead counsel, a complication of emotions inserts itself into his life and that of his second wife, Rachel.

The moral and ethical issues as well as the criminal activities of life and death show the potential that big pharmacy could potentially drown themselves in as they pursue the high goal of  being first to develop a cure. A prize of recognition but mostly a prize of the mighty financial lure.

Breadcrumbs of evidence are sprinkled throughout but only the most astute can actually predict the ending in this whodunit.

About the book: An obesity treatment has been discovered, but before anyone can benefit, a dispute breaks out about who owns the discovery. David Marchmont, a patent lawyer, is asked to handle the case. There's one big problem, though: crucial evidence is missing--evidence that might have a bearing on the clinical trial two years before.

David's personal life has its own challenges. His daughter, Chloe, has a rare and serious genetic condition. His wife, Rachel, becomes friendly with a young researcher, Kate Flanagan, who is seeking a cure for Chloe's disorder; Kate, in turn, becomes concerned that her lab colleagues may be cutting corners on the obesity drug.

As evidence of mishandling mounts--then disappears--Kate, Rachel, and David find themselves caught up in acute ethical challenges and personal danger. Is biotechnology outstripping our capacity to make ethical decisions?

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy by Kregel Publishing on behalf of Lion Hudson to facilitate a review. Opinions are my own. I was not compensated.