Sunday, January 30, 2011

Understanding the "I don't want free" Mentality

First of all, I didn't know how to categorize this little message. Of course, some vehicles are a bit difficult to park, especially for ladies of a certain age.

We've all probably met folks that walk right by a penny on the asphalt and see it, but they keep going. I don't understand the "I don't want free mentality." They won't stop and pick it up. Why, some won't even pick up a quarter! So is it they have a bad back, don't want dirty fingers, or simply don't want free?

The same is true of folks who take the regular hometown newspaper that has a mother lode of coupons in it each week. They frustratingly pull out all the inserts and toss them into the trash bin (well, hopefully they do recycle them). They can't be bothered with free coupons for products they always use. And heavens to Betsy, they certainly can't be bothered to try a new product with a coupon. Why, this is free cash they are tossing into their bins. At least in some circles the inserts are considered cash. I know you can't take them to the store and buy a Coke and use a Hamburger Helper coupon as "cash" to pay for the Coke, but you sure can use the coupon to pay for the Hamburger Helper. Doing that frees up those nickles and dimes to buy that cold, fizzy Coke you wanted.

So explain to me the "I don't want free" mentality when folks know there is a giveaway out there. They know where it is, they know the process to have a chance to win the giveaway is simple, but they simply don't follow through. Giveaways are "free." They require a few moments of time and a few key strokes on the keyboard and then you might be the one who receives the "free" stuff.

Just don't understand. Just don't see passing up that dime on the asphalt that I have to stoop over to pick up.

Now, some of you know that I have a giveaway on my blog right now. You've got a couple of weeks to jump in and try to be a winner. Right behind this giveaway will be another. Nope they aren't large. But they are bigger than that dime I'll stoop over to pick up when it is on the ground.  If you're interested in a free giveaway, well.......     Giveaway is HERE!

Now fly, fly, fly away to the blog, get in the swing of "I WANT free" mentality - pick up that dime! You should even pick up that penny on the ground. You know pennies make dimes, and dimes make dollars..........

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